To cope with the challenges and changes that Climate Change will bring, MCF aims to assist in building household and community self-reliance by transforming homes and landscapes into productive, resilient ecosystems. 

Beginning with the Mpophomeni Conservation Group, initiatives will include: water harvesting, renewable energy generation, food security, fire prevention and control training, flood barriers and water testing skills. Supporting engaged citizens to feed, inspire and help their neighbours reclaim the future and in the process, reduce waste, water and energy use, expense, apathy and fear while promoting greener, local choices. 

In South Africa, an estimated 1.5 million children suffer from malnutrition, 14 million people are vulnerable to food insecurity, and 43% of households suffer from food poverty.  There are 35 000 residents in Mpophomeni, the HIV rate is over 60%, while unemployment is currently at about 80%. 

Once the basic infrastructure of rainwater tanks, gutters, solar cookers, fences and garden tools have been installed, the group will become icons of sustainability and resilience in the community and “be the change they want to see in the world”.  Consume less, grow and share more, build community, lend a hand, swap seeds, share information and resources, teach what you know.

This project has been supported by the Global Green Grants Fund in 2013 and, if successful, has the potential to be replicated in other vulnerable KZN Midlands communities.

solar cookers